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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions
The Company reserves the right to review the returned products as soon as they arrive, to determine if the product has been treated in accordance with the specific care instructions and if the return conditions apply.

1. OFFERS products are final purchase.

2. There are no money refunds as well as shipping and handling charges for UNJUSTIFIED returns.

3. Returns of products with FACTORY DEFECTS must be sent by USPS, so that their shipment is credited. Otherwise shipping costs will not be recognized)

4. Products that have not been treated in accordance with the care instructions described in the garment will not be exchanged, nor will money be reimbursed, under any circumstances. Each of our garments are designed for a specific size, no damage is recognized by forcing them.

5. Due to sanitary regulations we do not accept any changes in underwear such as: girdles, reducing bodies, blouse bodies, boxers.

6. Only changes are allowed for line items (WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION) within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of purchase, 15 days after the purchase, all line items will have a charge for relocation of the product ( Restocking Fee) of 10% EXTRA on the purchase price.

7. When the article presents odors, its packaging and labels have been used, abused and damaged. They will have an EXTRA RESTOCKING FEE of 15% on the purchase price.

8. We do not grant monetary refunds, credit card credits or any kind of financial refund.

9. The Company is not responsible for health problems or allergies that the use of these products may cause.

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